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04 February 2008

New Year, New America

Yes, it's been a year. But big things have happened in this last year and new things are on the horizon. Normally, I'm pretty personal with my political views, minus my discussions with close friends, but since my past employment opportunities have educated me on the importance of voting, I want to share this incredible video with all of you.

I understand that that this video supports Barack Obama (for whom I will be voting for come the Wisconsin Presidential Primaries); however, I believe that this video stands for more than just one political candidate. It speaks to a younger nation on the rise. Place who ever you want in this video and it still rings true.

The only way you can make a difference is to vote. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. No matter your partisanship, I hope that is what you do.



28 February 2007

The NEW BitTorrent

On Monday, BitTorrent Inc. opened it’s new iTunes-like digital media store with minimal fanfare but a solid repertoire of material. This author took a little time to investigate the site, which can be found here. The new service is a’ la carte, with movies for rental and TV shows for purchase. All in all, the prices look pretty great. TV shows are priced comparably with iTunes at $1.99 while movie rentals are a cheap $2.99 (BTW, I hate Blockbuster and their $5 rentals…). If the service is technically sound, which I plan to try while I’m home over spring break, I see no reason why it can’t legitimately challenge iTunes, provided the media works on a solid portable media player (cough cough iPod cough).

The bonus…

Some of the content is DRM-free, as Digital Music News reports, though I can bet it won’t be major studios’ material.

Still, this is a pretty big step for the digital media market. Just imagine if something like this would’ve happened when Napster was around. We’d be so much further along in this digital transition, be it better/faster technology, more interoperability or cheaper prices. BitTorrent has been a four-letter word for many of the big media conglomerates, but now the studios and labels are willing to talk because they FINALLY see the dollar signs. Better late than never…

Well, That Didn't Take Long...

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray aren’t even that popular yet, but a hacker at the heart of the DRM war has cracked Digital Rights Management for both new media formats. (my new favorite website) provides proof of the hack and software that will allow implementation for both Windows and Mac OSX after this jump. However, this crack doesn’t mean that the average consumer will have unfiltered access to copy the High Def. DVDs like previous software such as DeCSS and DVD X Copy. The details are a bit technical for many to understand (including me), but this find generally ensures that the process isn’t impossible since every disc uses this now-public code. This is the second big break in the fight against DRM in as many weeks along with Steve Job’s essay calling for the abandonment of DRM by the major labels. Many experts are even speculating that the big 4 may be on the verge of dropping DRM for good quite soon.

More information regarding this issue is bound to be coming soon… stay tuned.

07 February 2007

I Tend to Think of it as Natural Selection

Don't parents teach their children at a very young age to look both ways before cross the street? Not to sound too insensitive (Really, it's terrible to lose someone you love), but maybe some people missed that. Even if you forgot that lesson, they have lighted signs that tell you when you can and can't cross the street.

CNN just posted this story that New York may ban the use of gadgets while crossing the street. The report states that three people in Brooklyn were killed by motorists after being distracted by their cell phones or iPods while crossing the street.

I can understand banning them while you drive. If you're not paying attention while driving, not only can you hurt yourself but you can also make your vehicle a bulldozer of sorts. But banning them while you walk? Other than these extreme cases which are generally rare, the worst you'll probably do is walk into a light post which will probably hurt your pride more than your face.

Surely we don't need the government to protect us from this. They need worry about protecting us from terrorism, global warming and the energy crisis, not slapping us on the hand when we walk across the street listening to music. I'll go out on a limb and say that there are less people dying from crossing the street while playing on their PSP or other gadget of choice than heart disease, cancer or even murder. Lets get those under control first, people...

Though this does shed new light on the phrase "walk and chew gum."

06 February 2007

My Favorite Superbowl Commercials

These were awesome. But the best is at the end. That's right. The Prince Halftime Show.

iTunes for Linux? Isn't that a Paradox?

Yeah, yeah. I know. I haven't posted in long time. So sue me. It was finals, the holidays, and the start of a new semester. Give me a break. But here we go again. I'm back.

So I was getting my daily dish at and I ran across this brief story. Basically, there’s a faction of Linux users working on a petition to have Apple release iTunes for the Linux operating system. Now, I don’t know too much about Linux (though I’m starting to try to learn and maybe I’ll actually make the switch sometime) but I do know this: Linux is an open-source based system. I 100% endorse that way of life, but why in the name of the RIAA would anyone who really, truly supports Linux and open-source want Apple software on their hard drive.


Have any of these people ever heard of DRM? Isn’t there a bible on Linux that specifically states that “any user found supporting Digital Rights Management of any kind shall be banished from the land of sharing and caring (okay, so I made that last part up) and uploaded to the Linux Banlist?” Maybe that’s why there’s only, at the time this article was published, 899 signatures. I will label these signers as “Linux Posers” from here on out.

The rest of the real supporters of Linux probably already found out how to circumvent the DRM on the iPods and uploaded all of their music to those nifty little machines. I’ll have to talk to one of them…

09 December 2006

What's the Big Deal About Copyrights?

Sorry for the long break everyone. With finals and homework, things have been pretty busy. However, that means that I've got a lot of content to put on here, including the following video me and some friends made for one of our classes regarding copyright. Hope you enjoy! More to come!

22 November 2006

Matt's Holiday Gift Guide

So here it is. I know you've been waiting for it. Matt's 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. You can't go wrong if you get any of your loved ones, friends or famliy anything I suggest. Yeah, it's that good. The hardest part might be finding them, though...

PlayStation 3

Let me just preface this by saying that you'll have to shell out around $2k for this one. You can't get it in stores, just the price gouging website Ebay.

Still, this is THE gift of the year. The technology is amazing. Blu-Ray, 1080p display, the wicked processors, Wi-Fi, internet and the list goes on. Sure it might not be totally perfect at launch, but it will be awesome. If you haven't heard about this system, you're out of the loop. You must not be reading the news. If anyone wants to make this guy happy, get me one of these. Just be careful you don't get mugged bringing it home. It happens here.

Other ideas related to the PS3 - Nintendo Wii or the X Box 360

iPod Shuffle

These are probably a little eaiser to get than the PS3, but not by much. They're selling for an easy $79 and are a great stocking stuffer. Cheap, gets people in on the iPod fad and are wonderfully tiny to bring along anywhere. Apparently Apple will sell between 6 and 8 million of these things this year. They can't keep them on the shelves. Don't believe me? Read here.

Other ideas that you should totally avoid - Microsft Zune (What a piece of junk)

The Sopranos DVDs

I just started watching this show and it's been incredible. I know the Sopranos fad has kind of worn off, but if you haven't seen the first episode, you need to. And when I travel by bus and train to and from Boston, I'm gonna watch more. Incredible. TV is getting so damn good all the time. There are too many other shows to see.

Other great ideas - Prison Break, LOST or South Park on DVD or iPod Video

Those are my top 3 ideas, but there's always pleanty of gadgets that I could fall in love with - cameras, TVs, cell phones - just too many to name. Here's the general rule to live by for Christmas shopping: when in doubt, go hi-tech.

15 November 2006

It's coming...

The iPhone will be here before you know it. And I'll be one of the first in line for it. Tech specs aren't available, but this article from gives a little detail on the contract between Apple and Tiwan-based Hon Hai. Jobs and Co. have placed an order for 12 million handsets that also work as an mp3 player. The iPhone (or so it has been dubbed) will be released in the first half of next year.

Personally, I want this thing to have video too. I've just recently been turned on to the TiVo and video iPod world and now I want one device to do it all. I want the Archos 604 WiFi features to download content direct from my TV. I want to surf the net and check my email on the go. I want to call my friends and tell them what an amazing device I have. I want to listen to my favorite PodCasts. I want to download the new single from my favorite band right onto my device, not through a computer. I want to be able to put all of my content on any hardware that I own.

And I want competition between businesses that are trying to give it to me. That way, prices are cheaper and products are better.

Coming soon... analyzing the Microsoft/Zune deal, NBC sticking with Studio 60 and my picks for holiday gifts for 2006! (wink wink anyone who might be thinking of getting me something for Christmas or my birthday in February!)