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06 February 2007

iTunes for Linux? Isn't that a Paradox?

Yeah, yeah. I know. I haven't posted in long time. So sue me. It was finals, the holidays, and the start of a new semester. Give me a break. But here we go again. I'm back.

So I was getting my daily dish at and I ran across this brief story. Basically, there’s a faction of Linux users working on a petition to have Apple release iTunes for the Linux operating system. Now, I don’t know too much about Linux (though I’m starting to try to learn and maybe I’ll actually make the switch sometime) but I do know this: Linux is an open-source based system. I 100% endorse that way of life, but why in the name of the RIAA would anyone who really, truly supports Linux and open-source want Apple software on their hard drive.


Have any of these people ever heard of DRM? Isn’t there a bible on Linux that specifically states that “any user found supporting Digital Rights Management of any kind shall be banished from the land of sharing and caring (okay, so I made that last part up) and uploaded to the Linux Banlist?” Maybe that’s why there’s only, at the time this article was published, 899 signatures. I will label these signers as “Linux Posers” from here on out.

The rest of the real supporters of Linux probably already found out how to circumvent the DRM on the iPods and uploaded all of their music to those nifty little machines. I’ll have to talk to one of them…


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